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Letter of Recommendation regarding
Sean Lane
Clean Up Clear Out

I have known Sean Lane for a few years now, and have used the services of his company on numerous occasions. On more than one occasion he worked to help clean out portions of my property, starting with a very full shed. Following that was a garage, then a basement, and ultimately the entire house. I sought his counsel many times when deciding what to do with various articles in a large home as I planned to downsize. His knowledge and expertise was immense, and made a huge difference. Knowing I could rely on his company made an enormous difference in what was an overwhelming situation. He also provided services such as making repairs necessary to bring my home up to code before the same.

I must also mention that without exception, every employee of the company impressed me as being very knowledgeable, not to mention trustworthy.

Discovering Sean Lane and Clean Up Clear Out was literally one of those moments when I knew I had found someone really good, very reasonable and someone I could trust and rely upon. I have made it a point to refer them to numerous family, friends and acquaintances. Those who have used him have mentioned to me what a huge help he was, and that they had, in turn, referred him to others.

Jackie Weed